I help you to be a confident mover, feel vibrantly healthy and be resilient for a lifetime.


When I started my own health/fitness journey I felt overwhlemed and almost confused. Instead of getting healthy and enjoying the process, I spent a lot of time reading articles, seeing different trainers and listening to multiple advices (which were mostly binary). It was frustarting and a time consuming. I didn't like the noise. 

There are so many movement styles, training tools and health opinions that it's no surprising we have the problem to understand what is right and what is not. 

We are, however, maybe asking the wrong question. It's not what is good and what is bad but how we can get the benefits of all the styles  - because each of them yields some unique benefits.

I customise a program which is easy to execute, sustainable and will save your time. When you follow  this plan you will begin to feel better, life-stronger and happier. You will start enjoyoing what you do, for longer.

My mission is to help as many of you as I can and show you that in order to be healthy you don't need to work too hard.


My name is Jan (call me Janny) and I am a Programming Officer at Institute of Motion, dreamy creator of EvoPrime Fitness and just recently embarked on this journey, being Healthy before Fit. Over the past 10 years, I coached thousands of people who searched for a perfect solution. A perfection is very hard to find but luckily I have a plan which will guide you pretty close to what you are looking for. I want to share this plan with you, right now.